What is Commercial Exchange?

Commercial Exchange is a national free-to-search, public-facing commercial real estate marketplace. Find for sale and lease availabilities sourced directly from brokers in Catylist’s network of 50+ local commercial real estate platforms in markets across North America. Unlike national listing aggregators, Commercial Exchange focuses on the quality and timeliness of the information and includes only listings that have been recently verified.

Can I get a demo or training for Commercial Exchange?

Absolutely! Just reach out for a demonstration/training session at CRESupport@moodys.com.

How do I search for properties in opportunity zones?

After you make your initial search, use the Filters drop-down, then check “Opportunity Zone.”

How do I add my listings?

While searching is free, you’ll need a monthly subscription to add unlimited listings. To get started, create an account. You can add unlimited listings for $99/month.

When I tried to join, it prompted me to join a different platform. Why?

Commercial Exchange is powered by Catylist, who creates platforms like Commercial Exchange for individual markets as well. If you are in a market where a Catylist platform exists, we’ll ask you to join your group. Pricing varies, but membership often comes with extra benefits. If you’re not sure how to proceed, please contact our Client Service team.

Can I get a group discount?

Let’s chat! letstalk@catylist.com or 212-553-1653 Ext. 9.

What is Catylist?

Catylist is a commercial real estate technology company that powers Commercial Exchange, plus commercial listing services for local associations and individual companies in markets across the U.S. and Canada. Learn more about Caytlist at catylist.com.

I’m a Catylist member. How do I add my listings to Commercial Exchange?

Great news! All Catylist member listings are automatically elevated to Commercial Exchange at no extra charge. You don’t have to do a thing other than input your listings into your local market platform. Don’t see your listings? Contact our Client Service team.

How much does it cost to add my listings to Commercial Exchange?

A monthly subscription costs $99/month. That allows you to list unlimited properties and cancel anytime. Get started by creating an account here.

I’d like to join my local market platform, powered by Catylist, but I don’t know how.

That’s great! You can start by registering at Commercial Exchange - it will let you know the details of your local market based on your information. Or, just contact our Client Service team, and we’ll get you all the info you need.

I registered for an account but never got my confirmation email. What now?

Have you checked your spam or junk folder? If it’s not in there, contact our Client Service team and we’ll get you moving.

What is Commercial Location Score?

Commercial Location Score (CLS) is a scoring system developed by Moody's Analytics to provide a quick understanding of the major factors that affect the value of a location. Each numeric score ranges from 400 to 1,000 and takes into account component factors for the location including business vitality, economic prosperity, amenity, spatial demand, transportation and safety. Learn more about Moody’s CLS.

What does property-centric mean?

“Property-centric” is a way of organizing information about real estate that makes it easy to track the sale and lease history for an individual property. Some listing services are more like bulletin boards, where new listings aren’t tied back to an underlying property.

Because Commercial Exchange is property-centric, we can track that history, and the database becomes more accurate and more useful over time.

How are the listings verified?

Every 45 days, brokers with listings on Commercial Exchange are required to verify the accuracy and timeliness of each of their listings. This process ensures that old listings don’t hang around like they do on other national listing services.

Can we embed Commercial Exchange search onto our business website?

That is a possibility, but we’d need to talk details! Contact us at: hello@commercialexchange.com.

Commercial Exchange is a national commercial real estate marketplace powered by Catylist.