Know the submarket without ever walking the block

Access Moody's Commercial Location Score (CLS) on every property listed on Commercial Exchange

What is CLS, and what factors into the score?

Commercial Location Score (CLS) is a scoring system developed by Moody's Analytics.

Each numeric score ranges from 400 to 1,000 and takes into account component factors for the location including business vitality, economic prosperity, amenity, spatial demand, transportation and safety.

How could it help me in my business?

CLS was created to help commercial real estate professionals gain a quick understanding of the major factors that affect the value of a location. It's designed as a means to consistently evaluate a location's suitability/desirability for a particular use based on a number of factors.

Know the score, know the submarket – without ever walking the block.

How can I get more details about the CLS for a particular building?

Composite scores are available on all properties on Commercial Exchange for free. Follow the "Verify with Moody's" links displayed below every score to access the full report, including all contributing factors and analysis.

To access the detailed analysis behind each score, you'll need to subscribe to Moody's CLS.

Can I see a demonstration?

Absolutely! Just provide your email address and we'll reach out to schedule a demo.

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